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Spring 2018; MCWR Reference to be taught online!!!!

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tvashaw@ccsnh.edu or dmoore@ccsnh.edu (603 342 3048)

The image shown to the left is a  copy of Moore's Civil War Reference 2009 Edition in its printed version. Which is over 5,000 pages.  (2017 Edition @ 8,000 pages +)

Continental US - Cost  per CD,
only $4.95 + shipping.


International (Alaska & Hawaii) Cost per CD, only $9.95 (US Currency) + shipping.

All text contained within the 8,000-page CD is in the English Language, only and will require your own translation software.  Requirements: Adobe Reader and Microsoft Word

Includes about 8,000 pages of text from 1860-1867, with each entry color-coded to easily determine Blue from Gray, as well as location and documentation reference.

Almost every engagement, skirmish, battle, and other important event on land, sea, or air has its own reference documentation included.

This chronology, took over ten years to compile and format in a user-friendly, easy-to-search manner, includes information from both Official Civil War Records of the United States Army and Navy and input from 225 + Civil War books.

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